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 Every cake can be quite individual. So the cost of the cake will depend on a number of things, If you can include the following info I can get back to you with an accurate quote. Then we can then discuss what you want in more detail so you get exactly what you want on your big day!

The size of the cake – How many guests and is the cake being used for dessert or tea/coffee?

The style of the cake – Round or Square? the level of decoration/icing. Fresh or handmade flowers being used.

The flavour of the cake – Some cakes or more expensive to make than others. (Fruit cakes, Mud cakes, Gluten Free cakes) Also if you want to have different flavours for each layer there is a $50 charge as there is more time involved.

It is one THE most important days of your life so its so important that everything is perfect!

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Our Scrumptious Menu

There are many Truly Scrumptious cakes you can use for your special occasion be it a tiered Wedding cake, a spectacular Croquembouche or single tier birthday or individual cupcakes.

Chocolate has become the new ‘it’ cake. It is increasingly popular to use the Wedding cake for dessert these days, served alongside something like fresh berries and cream or ice cream.


Traditional French wedding cake

is a speciality of mine and I have been making
them for many years. It is a tower of profiteroles usually filled with vanilla custard, and assembled with a golden caramel. These have to be built fresh on the day of the wedding.

The custard can incorporate other flavours such as chocolate or caramel or a light citrus flavour.

Dark Chocolate Mud

A very dense, moist dark choc cake, sandwiched together with dark choc ganache. It’s great to serve with berries/berry compote and ice cream. Made with a high ratio of melted choc and for
this reason costs more than standard flavour cakes.

Choc Brownie

A lovely moist cake with choc chips through it, layered with dark choc ganache and
raspberry jam. It’s lighter and cakier than a mud cake but still firm enough to stack for wedding cakes. A good all rounder and probably the most popular one I use, also good to serve with berries, ice cream, and the best one for using with other flavour combinations, i.e. choc rasp, choc cherry, choc banana, choc orange, choc toffee.

Caramel Mud Cake

An adaptation of a white choc mud cake, a creamy texture with caramel richness, made with melted white chocolate and dark sugar. Layered with a caramel buttercream and a creamy

Red Velvet Cake

A light chocolate sponge with a vibrant red colour, layered with cream cheese buttercream.

White choc mud cake

A rich creamy cake, spongier than dark mud cake but again made with melted choc, very decadent!!

Other standard cake flavours

Coconut Lime Cake

A slightly textured coconut cake with zesty lime and layered with a white chocolate ganache.

Traditional Fruit Cake

Rich, moist, fruit packed cake, ideally made 3 months in advance to allow for the flavour to mature with a good dollop of Brandy. If necessary it can be made in less time. Usually covered with almond icing and then covered with your main icing. Costs slightly more than regular cakes.

Carrot cake

Made with sultanas or walnuts or both

Very moist. Usually layered with a cream cheese buttercream and orange marmalade.

Madeira Cake

Lemon butter cake layered with lemon buttercream and lemon curd.

Passion Cake

Passion butter cake layered with a zesty passion buttercream and passionfruit curd.

Vanilla Butter Cake

a firm, moist sponge cake, layered with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam it can also be combined with other flavours / fruits, e.g. vanilla/raspberry cake, vanilla blueberry or any berry really.

Banana cake

Made with fresh bananas – very moist! Usually layered with dark choc ganache icing and a creamy caramel.

Pineapple Cake

uses the same base recipe as carrot cake but without the sultanas and walnuts but with pineapple chunks added, also layered with cream cheese buttercream.

A Few Ideas

If you have a favourite flavour or combination we can incorporate that into your cake. 

If you have any special requirements I do have various Gluten/ dairy free or even egg free options, just ask for more info.

Something to consider if you have only one or two people who have special requirements, you could always have an individual cake made for them. This would save costs, rather than making the main cake Gluten-free, as these cakes can prove expensive because of the ingredients.


You can have any combination of flavours for the tiers for a wedding cake and unless it’s a semi naked cake you are not able to see the cake colour under the icing.

For example you could have choc, lemon and red velvet cake tiers all with white fondant icing on the outside. However if traditional Fondant is not your favourite thing then there are also soft icings we can use to finish your cake.

For more traditional light coloured icing we can use either a buttercream, which is more of a creamy colour, or if you want a crisp white finish we are best to use a white chocolate truffle icing, either of these can be done with either a smooth, rippled or rustic finish.

If you like the idea of something more colourful in any of those icings that is something we can discuss in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Offer Tastings?

I offer a minimum of 10 flavours for $50

How far in advance should I order?

birthday cakes – ideally 2-4 weeks, longer if a big celebration.

How should I store my cake before serving?

 I generally deliver cakes as late as possible in the day and set them up for display, meaning they are on display for as minimal time as possible, I would also recommend having the cutting of the cake ceremony after the starter so the cake is not on display longer than needed but also means the kitchen has time to chill it slightly before cutting for serving. Especially in the height of summer.


There is a delivery fee for cakes and this is based on the location venue, if I am delivering the cake then I am happy to arrange any fresh flowers on the cake but these will need to ordered with your florist prior to the wedding.

Alternatively you can make arrangements for pick up. Some cakes with softer icings or chocolate will not be able to travel far in the heat of the day and so may need to be transported early morning, or you can arrange pick up the night before. Croquembouches are always built on the morning of the wedding and so will not be available before midday. Please feel free to ask if you are unsure of your requirements.


Ideally at least 2 months notice is preferred for wedding cakes, but of course sometimes loves happens quickly! So always ask even if you dont have that amount of time left. If I can fit it in I will happily accommodate your request.

However, if you have plenty of time to plan your wedding please bear in mind that more people choose to get married between the months of November and April, so if your wedding falls within these dates I would recommend booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment!

Celebration, Birthday or Desserts

2 – 4 weeks would be ideal notice for any of these. Again please bear in mind that November-April is Wedding Season and can be a busy time. But please feel free to ask if even if you dont have a lot of time to plan ahead.

Wedding/Party Favours

Some of these products can be quite time consuming so the more notice you can give the better. Some of them can even be made months/weeks in advance i.e. handmade roses etc.

Payment and Costs

My minimum order for any cake is $200, all my cakes are made from scratch and even the simplest cake will need a minimum of 3 hours to make

A 15% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking.

The balance of the cake will then need to be paid two weeks before the delivery date.